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Pay Day Loans Online

We are committed to... yes, you guessed it. Finishing off these ridiculous financial resources for good. Do not fall victim to this trap. End Payday Loans starting today.

End Payday Loans... Before They End You!

It is only appropriate that we call our site what it is. First of all, that is our name. So it makes sense we would call our site that. Secondly, that is what we are setting out to do. These are probably the most ridiculous loans of all time. Come on now. Who would ever think in a million years that taking out funds constitutes a good idea? Actually, a lot of people in this country do. A lot of very, very intelligent people**.

Do you really think a deposit of cash can have no strings attached? Wise up, people.

Why we have set out to End Irresponsible Lending

Gun lobbyists and second amendment advocates love to use the argument that "guns don't kill people, people kill people." Well, personally, we believe this to be a load of crap. In reality, payday loans kill people. Maybe not literally. But when you stop and think about it, these are the farthest thing in the world from fair, and exist solely to milk consumers out of all they are worth. Look at these facts and you will soon understand the mission of End Payday Loans.

  • Most people take out this kind of personal loan to pay off debt, not considering the fact that, most likely, whatever debt they have to pay off will cost them far less money in interest than the amount they are applying for.
  • The average interest rates on these services are 484 percent per year.
  • If you do not pay them back immediately when you receive your next check, those rates become EVEN HIGHER.
  • Many companies ask for highly-sensitive personal information that they should not be trusted with.

Please, if you have any respect for yourself, do not let one of these services bring about your financial end. Payday loans have the ability to make you wish you had never been born... or at least wish you had not applied for such a loan. These options are so bad, some states don't even allow them. You go Georgia! Way to look out for consumers. We commend you. Unfortunately, for the 288 million Americans residing outside the Peach State, the responsibility is your own.End Payday Loans will help, though. On our site you will find loads of helpful advice, resources, information and commentary on this industry and why it needs to go away.

Do not apply for one of these advances just because you are feeling desperate, and / or embarrassed. End Payday Loans beginning right here and right now. Check out more pages on our site and commit yourself to the cause.

**- Not.

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